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On 6 June 1944 the Western Allies landed in northern France, opening the long-awaited “Second Front” against Adolf Hitler’s Germany. Even though they were fighting Italy for about 9 months on the mainland the normality invasion was more important at the time. It was 4 years since france was over run by the british and compelled them to leave Europe, three years since hitler attacked the Soviet Union, and two and a half since us joined the struggle.

Battle of midway: The battle of Midway was the most important naval victory for the U.S. during WW2. On this day the U.S. sunk 4 of the Japanese carriers. This battle took place near a sandbar in the pacific ocean. Midway island was a stopping point for the united states to refill their ships on fuel. The reason U.S. had an overwhelming victory on the Japanese was because they deciphered the Japanese’s plans before the battle. Because of this the U.S. naval fleet knew what to expect in the battle and was able to react accordingly. http://www.willamette.edu/~rloftus/midwaypage.html

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